Mens and Womens Fashion Sunglasses

Our fashion selection of sunglasses are available in many styles, colors and sizes so you can find a pair that matches your personal fashion preferences. We understand the importance of looking good, even when you have to protect your eyes from the powerful glare of the sun’s unforgiving rays. We only carry the best and most high performance sunglasses for men and women on the market, and at different price points. A face that’s properly shielded from the elements will look healthier and enjoy flawless skin for far longer.

Our designer sunglasses aren’t just for looks. They are also a vital barrier that will keep you safe from UV rays and keep your eyes relaxed. Shop our polarized sunglasses for men and women to benefit from the utmost eye protection. If you have never experienced polarized lenses, you simply won’t believe the difference. Wearing a good polarized sunglass, all glares vanish and you’ll find yourself squinting less. No more squinting means no more headaches means better times outdoors.

We bring you the finest, most diverse selection of men's and women’s sunglasses presented in a shopping environment that’s unlike any other. Enjoy a casual stroll through one of our stores and rediscover the allure of tropical beaches and old Floridian charm. If you are looking for shades that can withstand a more active lifestyle, be sure to shop our huge selection of sport sunglasses as well.

We never want our customers to feel pressure when they browse our sunglass collection. That’s why we maintain a causal, welcoming atmosphere that lets you shop at your own pace. Besides, you can’t rush a good thing so you might as well go slow and take it all in!

Every time you shop with Sanibel Sunglass Company, you know you’re getting the best selection of name brand styles available. We carefully select our entire assortment of sunglasses to ensure that you get the best quality, reliability and variety at great prices! We carry affordable sunglasses as well as high end models for the more discerning fashionista. Visit one of our cozy sunglass boutiques today and find the perfect shades for any situation or lifestyle!