We welcome you to Sanibel Sunglass Company. We are dedicated to Sunglass Excellence and how we can help our customers find the sunglasses that are ideal for their style, fit, function and value and how they relate to ones needs and wants of  ‘Living Outside…’.

Our Commitment to our Customers

We do our best to create a shopping environment where men, women and children will feel comfortable and easy-going. The store concept is “Old Florida”, which will allow one to immerse him or herself in the fresh, charming, tropical world of Sanibel Sunglass Company. The retail experience in our stores should be “felt”; it should be real and meaningful, as well as pleasant and fun – it should please all five senses. We want you to experience the sounds, scents and imagery that will transport you to the attitude, lifestyle and outdoor environment of Sanibel Island, Florida – LIVE OUTSIDE!

Our goal is to create a customer-service-oriented environment in every store that inspires our customers to protect their eyes and skin with great sunglasses, sunhats and sunscreen. We offer the best sunglass brands in the world, whether they be $10 or $350. We focus on life-style and sport sunglasses, with a few high fashion sunglasses sprinkled into the mix. We identify ones’ needs, activities and budget to help select the best sunglass choice for our customer.

Enjoy the Earth we live on and you will understand the products we sell. This is the foundation of our company.